Services and Products

            NCS is a full Service DDC Control Contractor.  We specialize in Plan and Specification and Design Build Projects.  We have partnered with quality General and Mechanical Contractors for 23 Years in the Puget Sound Community and have built many positive relationships with some of the Best Contractors in the State.

Example of Distech Controls - Equipment Graphics

Example of Distech Controls - Equipment Graphics



NCS is a Systems Integrator with experience bringing diverse systems into a single User Experience.  Using commercially available open source technologies NCS creates open front ends that don't limit the customer's options.  When no products are available to perform an integration NCS will develop Custom OPC Servers to allow for the integration to the Graphical User Interface.  NCS can write Custom JAVA Program Blocks in the Tridium Niagara AX Framework.  Contact us with your specific System Integration Project and we will tailor a solution for the Project.



Network Administration

In addition to building Network Infrastructure NCS will run your EMCS System for you.  While we perform day to day Administration of the EMCS System, we are also able to implement Energy Saving Strategies on the connected buildings.  Managing the Alarm Database, NCS can fine tune alarms to achieve Maximum Benefit from the Alarm System.



All systems need a tune up once in a while, and HVAC Building Automation systems are no different. To keep your building running  efficiently and control system up to date NCS can provide a service agreement. Enhance your energy savings, and allow our work to pay for itself.




Energy Savings Services

  • Energy metering - Electric, Gas, Water
  • HVAC Control retrofits
  • Variable Frequency Drive retrofits for Fans & Pumps
  • Minimization of reheat & cooling cycles 
  • Utility energy monitoring & tracking
  • Sequence of Operations Optimization 
  • Set-point & Scheduling Optimization
  • Lighting Systems integration
  • Performance Verification Testing
  • Assistance with Commissioning and Balancing
  • Critical Facilities
  • High Security and Classified projects

Equipment Controlled

  • Rooftop Units, Air Handling Units, Heat exchangers
  • Steam Plants, Boiler Plants, Hot/Chilled Water Plants
  • Variable Air Volume Boxes
  • Fan Coil Units, Packaged Air Terminal Units
  • Boilers (Electric, Gas, Eco)
  • Pumps, Variable Frequency Drives, Domestic Hot Water
  • Exhaust Fans, Louvers, Dampers
  • Unit Heaters, Cabinet Unit Heaters, 
  • Ductless Split Systems, Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems
  • Chillers, Makeup Air Units
  • Furnaces, Heat Pumps
  • Gas Detection Systems

Types of Buildings

  • Colleges & Universities
  • Laboratories, Hospitals, Surgical Centers, Clean Rooms
  • K-12 Schools, Municipal Buildings
  • Airports, Airplane Hangars
  • Industrial & Manufacturing Facilities
  • Retail, & Fast Food Buildings
  • Corporate Offices, and High-Rises
  • Malls, Warehouses
  • Multi-Building Campus Wide Systems
  • Military Sites
  • Waste Water Treatment Plants
  • Museums, Data Centers

Training Services

NCS' manufacturer trained technicians provide regular training and classroom sessions teaching the end user. Building Automation system software comes in many different forms, but NCS has developed a series of best practices and troubleshooting techniques that apply to all control lines we offer. Building operators need to quickly diagnose alarms, read trend logs, set schedules, and identify routine maintenance issues. NCS Training sessions provide end users the tools, and knowledge they need to successfully maintain an efficient energy management system whether its a Distech, Siemens, ASI, or a Tridium front end graphic user interface.